DesMoines, IA Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

About US

The Des Moines chapter of Catholic Schoolhouse has offered homeschool families resources for creating a Catholic, structured homeschool community in a rigorous academic environment since its June 2011 inception. Its purpose from the beginning has been to support homeschooling families and offer a Catholic alternative to the existing well-developed Protestant homeschool communities -meeting a significant need for Catholic families in our area.

Our motto is Homeschool Success through a Classical Approach, and we achieve that by focusing on the following:

Our program is Catholic.

We incorporate prayer throughout the day, always beginning and ending with prayer. Our program is centered in the heart of the Church. We recognize that we have a moral imperative to foster and rebuild Catholic culture. We celebrate feast days and study the saints. Our Rhetoric students explore Church documents and apologetics in depth. Our curriculum, art, and science projects expose students to the beautiful and rich history of the Church and its influence on Western Civilization. Catholic Schoolhouse is loyal to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and has received the nihil obstat and imprimatur for all three Tours of its curriculum.

Our program is Flexible.

Families can use it to anchor their entire week or as an enrichment day. Outside of class, families have the freedom to use curriculum that best meets the needs of each individual child. If families elect to follow the classical model, we provide a resource guide and walk them through the elements available, giving parents complete control of what they would like to incorporate into their homeschool. Catholic Schoolhouse is dedicated to supporting your homeschool, not replacing it. We respect and value your role as the primary educator of your children.

Our program is Classical.

As a classical program, the goal is to help our students discover the true, the good and the beautiful. By gathering together, our students are given the opportunity to practice public speaking and communication, with the high school years culminating in the study of rhetoric. The fine arts program immerses students in our rich Catholic heritage. Our Tour Guide, history flash cards and memory work are tools to assist students in the Grammar levels. Our optional Super Scholar program gives students the chance to test their knowledge and be rewarded for their efforts.

Our program is Accessible.

Catholic Schoolhouse is a 24-week program that meets once each week for 3 ½ hours. Created and designed to support family unity, children of all ages are welcome! Parents stay on site to observe their child in class and are assigned to a classroom as a Parent Helper.

Our goal is focused on the Kingdom of Christ; thus, we are committed to keeping the program affordable. Directors and tutors work year-round to create a safe, positive, and rewarding classroom experience, as well as provide quality art and science projects. Student and supply fees are kept low to make our program accessible to all in our community. We offer free online resources and a weekly blog with links to at-home projects. Our members enjoy HSLDA and Office Depot discounts to help offset their homeschool expenses, and free access to the Catholic streaming service with its library of movies, eBooks, audio books, podcasts, and faith formation programs for everyone in the family.