DesMoines, IA Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse


Highlights of the Rhetoric Program 2019-2020 Tour III

      • Grades 10-12 (ages 15-18)
      • Writing:  Homework  30-60 min. per week
      • Latin: 5 min/day.
      • Speech:  Homework – 2 hrs/quarter.
      • Fine Arts— Art, Music, and Culture 
      • Rhetoric Seminar guides students in the Socratic method while adding to connections among topics started during the dialectic program. Students move beyond analysis to begin to form their own arguments and opinions. Homework: <60 minutes per week.
      • Church document discussion. We will explore Catholic culture, using source documents from the time period we are studying. Homework: Read assigned excerpts.
      • Literature choices have been chosen to allow discussion of classic and historical works, further analyzing literary elements and discussing the virtue and morality of characters. Provided discussion guides assist the students in forming and discussing opinions on issues posed in literary works.    Homework: Read 1 book per quarter
      • Economics: Homework –  2 hours per week

Rhetoric Schedule


  • Latin 15 minutes
  • Composition 45 minutes
  • Speech 15 minutes

Rhetoric Seminar

  • Socratic discussion 30 minutes weekly
  • Literature 30 minutes 3 times per quarter
  • Church documents 30 minutes 3 times per quarter

Fine Arts

  • 60 minutes bi-weekly


  • 60 minutes bi-weekly

Rhetoric Fees

Catholic Schoolhouse Registration Fee: $90.00 (per family)   *$70.00 (per family) early bird
Student Fee: $300.00 (per child)
Supply Fee: $165.00 (per child)
Facility Fee: TBD (per family)  based on number of families to offset rental fees 

We will meet for 24 weeks throughout the 2019-2020 academic year with a break every four weeks.    We will begin August 28, 2019.  Our Winter Break is scheduled December 5,  2019 – January 7, 2020. Our last class is April 08, 2020.  We will have a Share Fair and year end celebration on Friday, April 24, 2020.

Credit Integration between Chapter and Home

For specifics about credit integration and curriculum used, please complete the  linked form :  Contact Us